Are you experiencing warning signs of a weakened digestion? check these symptoms to find out

In Chinese Medicine the digestion is our ‘Earth’, it’s our centre and the source of all our energy. A good healthy digestion absorbs nutrients well and eliminates wastes and toxins in an efficient manner. When our digestion is operating well, our immune system is strong, our emotions are stable, we sleep peacefully and women’s menstrual cycles run like clockwork. Modern life though makes this very difficult.

Stress causes emotions like worry, anxiety and frustration to disrupt how our bodies work. This is a leading cause of bloating and IBS but it also causes women to have irregular periods or increased premenstrual symptoms. It also weakens your immune system which in turn weakens your digestion, leaving us susceptible to infections, lingering colds and flues, and can cause inflammation which develops into food allergies and abdominal pain.

Over my years of practice I have developed effective Acupuncture protocols to help harmonise and protect your digestion, boost fertility and ease pain. The strength of Chinese Medicine is its ability to identify the root cause of your symptoms. By fixing the root, we not only eliminate the symptoms, but help prevent further recurrence. Using my Traditional Acupuncture techniques this can all be done naturally, without harsh medications or side effects.

Since opening my doors in 2007, I've been using Acupuncture to improve the health and well being of the residents of Camberwell, Hawthorn, Glen Iris, Parkdale, Mentone, Mordialloc and surrounding suburbs.

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