Acupuncture for Candida

Battling Yeast Overgrowth

cloud over person face from candidaIt is estimated that 70% of people have some degree of Candida overgrowth in their systems. Candida describes a type of fungal yeast, which naturally exists in our bodies in harmless quantities. It lives in our mucous membranes, which are in our mouths, digestion, skin and several other areas. When our immune system is weakened then we cannot keep the yeast growth in check and it spreads causing symptoms of a yeast infection. The type of symptoms are determined by where the overgrowth has occurred, in women thrush is a classic example.

Often Candida infections go undetected as the symptoms can be subtle and are easily confused with other disorders, especially in the digestion. Often it is brought about by chronic illness or emotions which have been left unchecked and have slowly weakened the digestion. Acupuncture describes Candida as a Damp pathogen, which is a very difficult and lingering pathogen to treat.

Dampness is described as fluids which have become pathogenic. Normally clear refined fluid is sent around the body to lubricate and moisten tissue and also generates into blood. When our Spleen’s ability to separate fluids is impaired, it can send around some turbid fluid instead of it being excreted out through the bowel. Depending on where this damp settles, will show in different symptoms as shown below.

Symptoms of Dampness (Candida)

Dampness in the Upper BodySinusitis, brain fog, poor memory, compression/frontal headaches, thick tongue coating, bad breath
Dampness in the DigestionBloating, flatulence, indigestion, nausea, food allergies, fatigue.
Dampness in the Lower BodyIrregular bowels, thrush, skin rashes, painful urination

How I use Acupuncture to Treat Candida

Though difficult to treat, western elimination diets and vitamins only work on trying to starve the Candida.  Candida is called “dampness” in Acupuncture,  which is lodged in the digestive system, causing symptoms such as fatigue, a thick white tongue coating, fatigue, bloating and irregular bowels. As Damp is a turbid/heavy pathogen, it blocks Yang (warmth and energy – which is light and floating) from circulating properly, which can cause chronic fatigue and slow down your metabolism.  My Acupuncture protocols works on stimulating the body to break down the dampness and excrete it from the body. By addressing the root weakness in the digestion we can try to prevent further Candida being created as well as treating the existing over growth.

“It is not just about treating illness, it is about prevention and protection of your health, which is your most precious commodity.”

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