Lingering Infections

Helping undo the long term damage

cartoon bugs in digestionHow often have you heard someone say; “my digestion has never been the same since I got sick overseas”?

Lingering infections are common complaint I hear from patients whose digestion has been chronically weakened by illness. Often due to travelling to countries where we’ve been exposed to the foreign bacteria in the food and water. Sometimes we get over it easily, other times it stays with us for months. This then creates a vicious cycle of digestive symptoms.

To try and stave of the bug, we take antibiotics, which also kills what natural bacteria is left in our guts. You can supplement these with probiotics, but the damage is already done. Like driving around in a car with an empty radiator, you can refill it, but the damage of driving around without fluids has already damaged the system.

This occurs as our immune system is powered by our digestion.  In fact 80% over our immune system lines our gut. If the pathogen is stronger than our immune system, it causes chronic inflammation.  This weakens the whole digestive process. We then don’t absorb or digest food properly, causing fatigue, sleep difficulties, bloating, nausea etc.

This sort of condition is not something you can just hope will self resolve.  Any condition which is not improving on its own within 1-2 weeks is considered lingering and could become chronic if left untreated.

The long term risks

The danger with ignoring linger infections like this is the long term damage done to your health. In my Acupuncture clinic I have seen many causes of infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic conditions call originate from an infection which was never properly addressed. Realise too that GPs and specialists don’t have all the answers, and often cannot offer a proper solution to these sorts of problems. We wary of constantly taking more and more medications if the first round didn’t help the condition.  Don’t accept when your told “you’ll just have to live with it”. There is always an alternative, as discussed below.

Acupuncture to Expel Lingering Infections

All is not lost though, as Acupuncture is able to work on the underlying weakness and restore your digestive health. How? Well first we stimulate your natural immune system to fight off whatever infection is still lingering within you.  Then, instead of supplementing what you’ve lost, we stimulate the digestion to repair itself and begin absorbing and digesting food properly again.  This in turn boosts your immunity, gives you more energy and helps remove the inflammation from the gut caused by the lingering infection.

“It is not just about treating illness, it is about prevention and protection of your health, which is your most precious commodity.”

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