General Health and Well Being Maintenance

Prevention and Protection of your health

healthy elderly couple piggy backingThe goal of medicine is to improve health and longevity, though this approach seems to focus more on quantity and not quality in modern medicine.  Many patients want to have a long healthy life but not be reliant on pharmaceuticals to do it.

Chinese Medicine is all about treating the root of the problem, by doing this the body not only heals itself, but you also stay healthier for longer.  Part of this though is not to just treat disease, but keep you healthy so you don’t fall ill in the first place.

Protecting your Reservoir of Vital energy (Qi)

By regulating your body’s vital energy with Acupuncture your internal systems operate more efficiently. This means less of your natural reservoir of Qi is used, so you stay healthier for longer. This is the theory on why we age in Chinese Medicine, the more we have to dip into our reserves, the faster we age and the quicker our health declines. Through good lifestyle, healthy diet and breathing exercises we can keep our reservoirs topped up and maintain good long term health.

Part of this too is using Acupuncture to keep our body’s healthy.

I try and educate all my patients that prevention is better than cure, once we have you feeling healthy again, its important to look after your new found vitality.  Part of this is regular Acupuncture treats every few months to prevent illness occurring, and detecting imbalances before they become a disruptive force.

This is one of Acupuncture’s greatest strengths, its ability to not only regulate your body, but detect early illness developing and helping the body correct itself in the early stages.

Unfortunately most people only come for Acupuncture as a last resort, when all else has failed, this is not ideal but it is the world we live in.

We maintain our cars, why don’t we have the same approach with our health?

Again, it can’t be said enough times, prevention is always better than cure. Often we get our car serviced when nothing is wrong, but we do it to try and prevent problems occurring. Yet when it comes to our health, we only seek treatment when we are ill. This is largely due to how we’ve been conditioned, all the advertising in TV for over the counter drugs are encouraging a poor lifestyle. Work harder, longer and take these tablets to help you do it.  This causes us to burn the candle at both ends, and sooner or later our health pays the price.

Everything in life is about balance, and this is where Acupuncture can help restore the balance which is disrupted by long work hours, high levels of stress and little sleep. Please note, this is not to encourage you to keep neglecting your health, in fact most patients see it as a good wake up call to adjust their lifestyles. This results in a positive flow on to all areas of their lives, and those around them.

How does Acupuncture Help maintain your Health?

  • It can boost your immune system to protect against colds, flues and hay fever
  • It can stabilise your hormones so you have regular healthy menstrual cycles
  • By calming the mind it helps reduce the impact of stress and improves your sleep
  • By nourishing your reservoir of Qi you can enjoy increased longevity and vitality
  • It can help protect your digestion from stress and illness which improves nutrient absorption
  • It can slow the rate of degenerative conditions like arthritis so you experience less pain

What early warning signs should you watch out for?

  • Changes to your sleep cycles
  • bloating after meals and changes to your bowels
  • Constant fatigue and crashing in the afternoon
  • Increased feelings if irritability and anxiety
  • Decreased immunity and always falling ill

“It is not just about treating illness, it is about prevention and protection of your health, which is your most precious commodity.”

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