A Natural Way to Treat Coughs, Colds and Flu

We are now in the middle of another bitterly cold Melbourne Winter, and cold and flu viruses are in full swing.

I am seeing many clients suffering from sinus congestion and cough which has been ongoing for weeks. This is too long! If symptoms are persisting for longer than 1 week you need to seek treatment. I use an effective combination of Acupuncture points that I have refined over the past decade to treat respiratory infections, both acute and chronic.  Ideally seeking treatment at the onset of symptoms is ideal.

Improvement in health is best obtained when treatment is applied early and quickly in the cycle. For example, once you feel you are “fighting something” or feeling “fluey” or “heady”, then you should be treated as soon as possible. Once the cold and flu pathogen establishes itself in the body, improvements can be very slow and symptoms can worsen, making you very ill. So take advantage of Chinese medicine, early and quickly.

No two persons are clinically alike even if they both suffer from the same illness. Therefore, my approach using Chinese medical treatment of an affliction by the cold and flu virus varies from one person to another. In both presentations, the treatment differs to suit the individual.

Diagnosis in Chinese medicine is different. A cold and flu illness can be diagnosed in various ways, for example, it could be a wind-cold, wind-warmth or wind-heat pattern of illness. Together with your medical history and how quickly you heal or recover from illness, other factors are also taken into consideration. Weather, season, how long you’ve had the illness, the severity of the symptoms and the progression of the illness are important. Below are two simple examples.

An early stage of a COLD is referred to as a wind-cold pattern where wind and cold has penetrated into the body to cause illness. This produces unique signs and symptoms such as runny nose with clear nasal discharge, aversion to wind, shivering, aversion to cold, chills and sometimes with low grade fever, coughs with thin water or frothy white sputum, general body aches and may be mild asthma. Basically the person feels colder than normal and chills are more predominant.

The deeper progression of the disease is referred to as a wind-heat pattern where Wind and heat penetration has combined to produce signs and symptoms such as cough with thick sticky yellow sputum, very sore throat (red swollen), thirst with desire for cold drinks, fever with perspiration, runny or blocked nose with thick yellow discharge. The person feels hotter than normal and fever is more predominant.

These deeper-progressions is often when people come in for treatment, once they have exhausted all other avenues. Though not ideal, we can still do a lot to help you recover, even when you’ve already been sick for several months.

Mention when you call the clinic on 9796 2388 that you require treatment for a chronic infection, and I will do my best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.  Many residents in the areas of Berwick, Narre Warren and Beaconsfield are coming in suffering from chronic colds, sinusitis and coughs, don’t keep thinking ‘it will just go away’.

Recurrent Winter Illnesses

Another typical occurrence this time of year is the appearance of recurrent coughs and infections that people develop each year like clock work. In Chinese Medicine we call these “Latent Pathogens”, as they only occur at specific times of the year.  Either due to a constitutional weakness or damage previously done by a strong infection, the patient develops a cough or infection of the same type and it lasts for months. This is a cycle that we need to break, as often I see it worsen each year.

Often people develop a weakness in there respiratory system that is triggered when the temperature drops or certain infections come out and they are easily reinfected.  We first work on subduing the acute symptoms, and then work on boosting your immune system to get over the infection once and for all.


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