Natural Pain Relief and Management

Pain Relief with Acupuncture - An all natural therapy for painful conditions

I run a Berwick based natural pain relief clinic, where patients can trust I will do my utmost to provide relief and healing for their ailments. Acupuncture’s ability to treat pain is vast and well documented. Because of Acupuncture’s holistic view, it allows me to treat pain wherever it may occur in your body. Having trained in martial arts for over 20yrs, I’ve had my fair share of strains and physical injuries. I always found Acupuncture to be the most effective form of treatment for my injuries, hence why I chose to study it. I have seen first-hand the benefits it can do to even elite athletes having treated professional football players during my studies.

Whether your injury is acute or chronic, muscular or joint inflammation; My unique Acupuncture technique can provide pain relief so you can get back to doing what you love.

Acupuncture isn’t limited to just the musculo-skeletal system. Emotional pain like stress and anxiety can also be treated, please look under the mental health menu for treatment of stress and anxiety. Even if your condition isn’t listed below, this doesn’t mean I can’t help you or haven’t treated it before. So please feel free to call me on 9796 2388 and we can discuss it further.  Alternatively you can now book online.

Treating a wide range of injuries and pain disorders

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Whether its sharp and shooting, or throbbing and compressing, headaches and migraines can really ruin your day. The pain though shouldn’t be ignored, as its a sign of vascular inflammation.

Upper back stiffness causing pain through the shoulder blades and into the neck. Needling helps dissolve muscular knots, improving range of movement and alleviating pain.

Lower back pain can be caused by bulging discs and tight lower back muscles from sitting too much or a work place injury. Often the pain is described as a constant ache or throb.

Often caused by tight muscles through the back and hips or spinal issues leading to nerve impingement. Pressure put on the Sciatic nerve in the lower back and hips can cause nerve pain and numbness down the legs.

Often caused by exposure to cold and injury. Inflammation and swelling causes the shoulder joint to “freeze up”. Acupuncture can help restore shoulder mobility, by improving blood flow and loosening the seized tissue.

Not always a sporting injury, I often see it caused by improper lifting and over use of the arm in manual labour professions. Inflamed ligaments within the elbow joint cause pain and loss of strength in the arm and hand.

A Common Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Inflammation puts pressure on the median nerve sending shooting pains and numbness into the first 3 fingers. Acupuncture helps remove the inflammation to stop the pain.

Baker’s Cysts, arthritis of the knee and swelling. Damage to meniscus and ligaments due to injury. Knee pain is one of the most common joint pain complaints I see in my clinic. Acupuncture has been shown to be one of the best natural therapies for knee pain.

inflamed Achilles tendons, Plantar Fasciitis or heel spurs. Quite common in menopausal women and can occur spontaneously or due to injury. Often tight calf and leg muscles pull at their insertion under the heel leading to inflamed fascia and pain.

Treating muscle strains, Tendonitis, Sprained ligaments and joints. Acupuncture can help break down scar tissue from old injuries and speeding up the healing of new ones. Sprained ankles and swollen knees are commonly seen in my clinic.

Brought on by long periods of chronic illness or stress, blockages build up in the muscles causing widespread aches and pain. This pain is a symptom of a deeper issue which Acupuncture can help try to rebalance.

Both Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis are common causes of joint pain. Caused by wear and tear to the joints from age or injury or an auto immune condition. The aim is to reduce joint pain and inflammation to help your joints last longer.

“It is not just about treating illness, it is about prevention and protection of your health, which is your most precious commodity.”

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